The all new Morgan Three Wheeler. Yes Please.

The all new Morgan Three Wheeler

The all new Morgan Three Wheeler

Just the Facts:

  • Century-old Morgan Motor Company is resurrecting its fabled Three-wheeler after a 58-year absence.
  • The two-seater is powered by a 115-horsepower V-twin driving the single rear wheel via a V-belt.
  • The redesigned Three-wheeler makes its public debut next week at the Geneva auto show.

MALVERN LINK, England — The Morgan Motor Company, established a century ago by Harry “HFS” Morgan and still run by his grandson Charles, is resurrecting its iconic Three-wheeler after a 58-year absence, with U.S. and European sales to begin shortly after the car’s official debut next week at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show. Pricing will start from around $40,000.

The new Three-wheeler doesn’t deviate much from the traditional Morgan two-seaters of the past, which were built in various shapes and sizes from 1911 to 1953 (and inspired by a one-off that HFS built for himself in 1909).

Hewing to tradition, the latter-day Three-wheeler features a leather cockpit and a bullet-shaped aluminum body with a “beetle back” tail and a single rear wheel. Because of its unique design, the vehicle has been homologated as a motorcycle.

Watch Jay Leno take it for a spin.

The company has released a pre-show video that teases the new car and pays homage to Morgan Three-wheelers of the past.


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