Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black Diamond

JAMBOX by Jawbone is the smallest, best-sounding wireless speaker and speakerphone around. Just place it anywhere in a room and enjoy pristine streaming audio from your phone, computer, or other Bluetooth devices. Bring music, movies, and all your mobile audio vibrantly to life–all in the palm of your hand.

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

BUY NOW: Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
JAMBOX delivers stunning hi-fi audio in a portable wireless speaker so compact you won’t believe it when you hear it. It’s loud. With an output capacity of 85 decibels, JAMBOX fills even the largest rooms. Unlike other portable speakers, JAMBOX is powered by a pair of proprietary, highly sophisticated acoustic drivers, unmatched in their ability to produce extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single, ultra-small dome speaker. They work in concert with an innovative moving-wall passive bass radiator and airtight enclosure to deliver shimmering highs and thumping lows that you can literally feel–the richest sound all in the palm of your hand.

JAMBOX is the only speaker that gets smarter every time you plug it in. Just sync it with Jawbone’s industry-first MyTALK online platform to download apps, software upgrades, and more. JAMBOX will always be up to date.

You get the freedom to bring pristine wireless audio to whatever you’re doing, wherever you want. Carry it from room to room or just throw it in your bag. No more cords, docks, or hassles.

With a powerful, built-in microphone, JAMBOX frees you to share crisp, clean-sounding conference calls anywhere–in the office, car, at home, alone, or with a group. It’s also perfect for sharing video chats via iChat, Skype, and more.

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

BUY NOW: Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerJawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Buyer Comments:

So I picked up my Jambox a couple weeks ago based on some reviews and a need for a portable speakerphone. It has really rocked my world in a short time since getting it.

I use it primarily in my home office as polycom type device to pair with my smartphone. It does that very well. Crystal clear sound when paired and extremely easy and intuitive to use.

What came out of the purchase that wasn’t expected was how amazing of a device it actually is. I use a sonos system at home that connects to the internet and streams music to various rooms. Well, this little box does quite the same. I downloaded the “TuneIn” app for my iPad and connect via bluetooth. Let me tell you it ROCKS!! I have it set up in areas that I do not have the sonos (bath, master bedroom, etc) and the quality of sound that comes out of it rivals my high end inwall speakers. This little box fills my 20×20 room with vibrant and dynamic sound. I sincerely love it.

I just went to Vegas…brought it along and streamed music in my room…plan on doing to my all my future trips as well. It really is the perfect size and if you like music playing in the background (work, play, whatever)…this is the perfect device.

Note that the accessories it comes with are awesome as well..the case is brilliant as well as the cables.

Very well done Jawbone…I look forward to whats next! -Darklord

Buyer Comments:

Having invested over 10K in my home audio equipment, I became interested in the Jawbone Jambox to use as a portable speaker to pair with my MP3 Player. Figured it would be perfect to use in the office, when traveling or at a tailgate.

Upon receipt of the Jambox, all was packaged well, with quality accessories included: Jambox, chargers, travel case and instructions. The construction of the Jambox is very good…built solid. This unit is so compact, but has a nice weight to it.

Charging the unit took a little over an hour, and pairing only a few seconds. Upon listening to a handful of lossless recorded songs via the Bluetooth connection…I was impressed. The Jambox produces a full, rich sound…which is surprising based on the physical size of the unit. The bass and lower frequencies is impressive.

For people who compare the Jambox to a larger speaker system…that is not fair. While the Jambox will certainly hold its own against a unit like a Bose, what you are buying with this product is a great sound in a compact format. Throw the Jambox in a suitcase, briefcase or backpack…and you are off.

Should the price be less…yes. But, it is an impressive product. I am sure the price will come down a bit after the holiday. -D. Delasala

BUY NOW: Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Wow where to start. I just bought my Jambox this eneinvg, and I’m completely enamored with it. First, it just has a *quality* vibe about it ..several high-quality cords included and even a sleek little case. It’s so much smaller in person than I expected! Even from the pictures, I couldn’t tell how tiny it would be. Pairing and using this with my iPhone was simple and seamless. I had some issues getting it paired with my Macbook Air, but the Jawbone support site had some FAQs that helped me fix it right up (I found the official FAQ more useful than the forums) Sound is really wonderful. Bass is amazing. I mean, remember we’re talking about something smaller than many blocks of cheese. But this really puts out the sound way better than I would have expected for something this size. I would use it for a party, though I don’t throw really raucous parties. I’ve read reviews that say it can walk off of surfaces, but I haven’t seen it move around at all even at top volume. I will say it’s not super awesome as a speaker phone. But, perhaps that is a limitation of speakerphone on an iPhone. I’ve used it (once to call jawbone support already ) and once to call my mom. It wasn’t great. Mom wanted me to turn it off. But it does work. I haven’t tried voice dialing through it yet, but I did try activating it and that was easy. I don’t really use voice dialing. In case you’re wondering, like I was (and why I called the support line), yes, the LED is supposed to blink white continuously when the jambox is in use. Not cheap, but for what you get portability! sound! no cords or batteries! it’s worth it.

posted by Alwin / 10.04.12 - 4:06 pm

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