Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver

Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver

A heavy cleaver is an extremely useful kitchen tool for splitting poultry, disjointing meat, and cutting through rib bones with utmost efficiency. This exemplary 6-inch model, best for moderately heavy bones, provides hefty weight and sufficient blade length to cut through bone and cartilage with ease. If you find yourself sawing at joints to section poultry or repeatedly hacking spareribs to separate or cube the bones, then this model is for you. Beautifully balanced, this cleaver has a comfortably long handle plus a blade “eye” for hanging when it’s not in use.

Part of the Classic series, this cleaver represents two centuries of unexcelled W├╝sthof craftsmanship. Like other cutlery in the series, it’s hand-forged from a single piece of stainless steel for maximum strength; the hand-polished blade is exactingly calibrated to be hard enough to resist dulling yet soft enough to take a keen edge when it’s honed or sharpened. Dishwasher-safe and with a traditionally shaped, ergonomically designed handle that is triple-riveted for durability, this cleaver brings a guaranteed lifetime of low-maintenance cutting to its owners. –Arthur Boehm

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  • 6-inch cleaver for splitting poultry, disjointing meat, cutting through ribs, and more
  • Stamped from high-carbon steel with a stain-resistant alloy
  • Synthetic polypropylene handle triple riveted for durability
  • Precisely tapered from base to tip; made in Germany; hand wash for best results
  • Measures approximately 11 by 4 by 1/2 inches; limited lifetime warranty

Owner Review:

As a previous reviewer noted, precut meats are readily available (and most of us use them most of the time). On the other hand, I for one am not going to pay a dollar or more a pound premium to buy a chicken that’s already cut up when I can do it myself perfectly well, thank you. If you are the type that will take the extra few minutes after shopping to cut up large-quantity meat and freeze it for future use, a cleaver can save you some real money over the long run.

Having said that, this cleaver is about as good as it gets. Well-balanced, very sharp. and able to easily cut through bone, this is as good as it gets for the home kitchen. I recently upgraded from a Henckel International, and the difference is profound. While the Henckel is perfectly fine for light duty and playing “Yan Can Cook”, the Wusthof is the one you want for serious business.

BUY NOW: Wusthof Gourmet 6-Inch Cleaver

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