Browning Auto-5 Standard

Browning Auto-5 Standard. It is called the Humpback and gets this unlovely name from its unlovely receiver, which forms an abrupt angle where it joins the stock. John M. Browning designed this recoil-operated autoloading shotgun, which debuted in the United States in 1903, was discontinued that same year, and then was reintroduced in 1923, this time to stay for 50 years. The Humpback had one glaring fault: It kicked. Its bolt came crashing back with enthusiasm. But it had one great virtue: It worked. Waterfowlers loved it. In an era of swollen cardboard shells that would stop any other gun, the Humpback kept shooting.

Browning Auto-5 Standard

Browning Auto 5 Standard 1 Browning Auto 5 Standard

Browning Auto 5 Standard 2 Browning Auto 5 Standard

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