What the Hell is Carne Asada?


Most of us in the South West live minutes away from a carne asada joint. Those of you in other parts of the country, you’re not as lucky. Our friends at Federico’s Mexican Food have grown to 20 locations in Arizona and New Mexico on the reputation of having the most delicious carne asada around. They invited us to try their soft, marinated grilled beef and when they twisted our arms hard enough – we took a road trip to their location on Central Avenue in Phoenix.

Even those of us that have eaten a lot of asada tacos in Cali and in old Mexico were surprised by Federico’s carne asada flavor – not to mention their salsa and guacamole. Awesome!! If you find yourself traveling in AZ or NM, check them out – you won’t regret it: Federico’s Mexican Food Facebook

Thanks Federico’s!

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