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Bitches Imma Holla at Notebooks

The Man Who Saved Harley Davidson – And Your Spine

James Dean

Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection

Woody Guthrie

Shelton Hank Williams

Nick Offerman Woodshop. Aka Ron Swanson

Army of Darkness. Ash.

Abe Lincoln

Bacon Eggs Ron Swanson


Brigitte Bardot with Sean Connery

Jack Nicholson

Ron Swanson’s Pick. Found at local grocery store.

Swanson Knows Food

Ron Swanson

Mike Tyson Highlights – Destroyer In Prime

Johnny Cash

A Ron Swanson Mosiac made of Ron Swanson Food

Today I learned there is a sport called CUTTING and knife makers sponsor them. They Cut things.

William Tecumseh Sherman

Afghanistan Special Forces Soldier nicknamed Cowboy with Epic Beard

Tank Man or Unknown Rebel. 22 years ago today.

Mark Wahlberg

JFK Smoking a Cigar

Pelé and Sylvester Stallone

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

West Texas Cowboy by William Albert Allard

Eat Like a Man

Dr. Strangelove Peter Sellers

Dad Catches Foul Ball Like a Boss… While Holding Daughter

Lucas Glover’s Epic Beard

The Manliest Man to Ever Live

Ron Swanson – Nature is amazing

Legendary American Blues Singer Songwriter Robert Johnson & Johnny Shines

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