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Crows by Tim Lynch

Apollo by Tim Lynch

Vintage Giraffe Skull

Lion by Tim Lynch

Jumping Shark

Eagle out for a strut

Papa Kenny’s Moose Print

Mans best friend. Beautiful setting. Stunning photo.

Vintage Cast Iron Life Size Horse Head

Chompie. Shark Week.

Don’t wake the Grizzley Bear

California Condor – Vintage Book Plate – 1974

1950’s Bobcat Pelt Rug

A Brown

Montana Ranch Horse Roundup

Dorothy Lamour and Friend

The Manliest Man to Ever Live

White-Tail Deer Buck in Snow

Fantasy Taxidermy

Bear Grease – Moustache Wax for Men


Mounted Moose Head

Man Vs. Bees


How Eating Grass-Fed Beef Could Help Fight Climate Change



Animal House


Huge Buck


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