HomegrownHeavyz Original Longboard Skateboards

HomegrownHeavyz Original Longboard Skateboards

From Etsy

5 foot long hand carved longboard from beautiful, durable wood.

Featured is our Bubbling Beer design.  This finish is also availabe with with any of our other designs or order with your name or an obscure saying available in thousands of different fonts, colors and designs.

If you can dream it we can design your artwork (there will be an extra artwork fee the price here is for a board with one of our stock stickers)
It’s so durable that when we ran these over with a car they didn’t snap!!

We use sand right from the beach in Queens, NY instead of grip tape, it is polyurethaned on and will last a long time.

This board is great for cruising around. Pumping is a seemingly effortless and you can reach incredible speeds if you dare.


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