Beer Review: Smoked Porter Vanilla Bean by Stone

Stone: Smoked Porter Vanilla Bean Beer Review

The Bottle

It’s a Stone bottle. It looks almost exactly like all of Stone’s bottles, which if you’re reading beer reviews I’m going to assume that you’re familiar with. Since stone is so well known I’d like to preface this review with a warning: Stone and I are not friends. In this writer’s opinion: Arrogant Bastard is bitter and plagued by an off-putting, grapefruit-filled beginning middle and end. Double Bastard Oaked was just a messy morass of flavors that couldn’t decide what they wanted to do. Their Imperial Russian Stout just tasted like anise juice. When I saw they made a smoked porter with vanilla, I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer to the gargoyle on the front. “Please don’t mess up vanilla porter, Stone.” I asked the bottle as the beer store clerks watched – probably wondering if I was insane. I love vanilla porters and have a strange fascination with German smokehouse beers, so let’s see how stone approached this designer-beer challenge.

The Beer

I have to say that this is the most “What you see is what you get” beer that I’ve ever tasted. From sip one it tastes like vanilla and smoke. Continuing on it tastes like vanilla and smoke. At the end I noticed slight notes of vanilla and smoke, leaving a smoke and vanilla taste on the palette. The head tastes like vanilla and smoke. The astute and intelligent folks who visit will no doubt notice a pattern emerging (if you consider a solid color to be a pattern.) There’s a hint of chocolate around the middle of the glass, but my tongue has already been smoke-blasted so it’s all for nothing.

This beer is predictable and reliable to taste like… what it says it’s going to taste like. I’m trying to be nice about it because I like vanilla porters and I like smokey beers, but it’s like two great tastes that don’t necessarily taste great together. If the prospect of a beer that tastes like a whole truckload of Vanilla and Smoke is an appealing notion to you, this is worth a try.

Meat: Drink this with…

Steak, pork, lamb… hell, anything to get this taste out of my mouth.

The Caveman Review (Three simple words that sum up the beer)

Vanilla. Smoke. Bitter.

The Babe Review (Babe quoted for this review: Heather)

“DAMMIT STONE! It’s stone with vanilla. You could get the same thing if you drop vanilla extract into about any other beer by Stone. It’s bitter, smoky all the way through, and after trying [a bottle of Abita’s “Andygator”] it’s far from anything impressive. I’m not finishing this.”

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