Beer Review: Abita Andygator

Abita Andygator Beer Review

The Bottle

I have to admit: I picked this one up for the label. A dull golden splatter that forms the gaping maw of an alligator is splashed across the front of this beer. If you’re one of the people who drinks their beer for looks, this looks like a bottle of clear Californian wine. The other part of the bottle I enjoy is the little “Abita” logo. These cheeky Louisiana brewmeisters are responsible for the lambic-like Purple Haze, and the decadent, deep port “Turbodog”. I’m not saying that Abita is completely unfamiliar with making merely passable beers, but they have a few stand-out stars which makes them a brewery to throw a bone every once in awhile. After all, that gator on the front looks hungry.

The Beer

From sip one all I could think is “This beer is damn good.” as I tried to make sense of the flavors. The color of this beer might make a few purists balk: it’s a translucent “what-goes-in-is-what-comes-out” yellow that you find in basic domestics. However, like the wiley gator’s habitat, these unassuming waters pack a big surprise. Soft southern fruit flavors are carried by a hefty wheat undercurrent. Even the head of this beer is a treat for people who love a good fizz; it’s rich and creamy which is, in my experience, an unusual quality for a doppelbock like Andygator.

I’m going to get a little technical on the readership here and say it’s got a fruity start, a stony middle, and a pleasantly gritty end. When I put it that way it sounds like a monster movie, but it’s a fitting analogy; all the way to wanting more once it’s over. Next summer I hope to see Andygator vs. The Lagoon Creature. Drink this one at just below temperature or you’re doing it a disservice.

Meat: Drink this with…

Lean fish. Lemon-soaked salmon would pair well with this clear, rich and delicious brew. It’s a little bit of a tip-of-the hat, using the lemon, to adding citrus to the rich Oktoberfest beers in Germany, but this beer really needs no help.

The Caveman Review (Three simple words that sum up the beer)

Creamy. Rough. Sweet.

The Babe Review (Babe quoted for this review: Heather)

Buttery, smells faintly of apple and has a slight hint of fruit in the flavor though not in a weird way. A surprisingly rich light beer. I really want to drag this to my favorite sushi joint with me!

You can read more about Abita Andygator here: Abita Andygator Web

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