Work from April, 2012

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Porterhouse Steak

So…. Do you work out?

White Socks

Maria Menounos



Flour Bum

Sitting on the back of a couch

Tattoo Legs

Very Beautiful

Hipster Girl

Yoga Pants Workout

Cupcake Bum

Comic Book Nerd Girl

By the bookcase

Yvonne Strahovski

Zooey Deschanel

Fishing Painting. Let the Season Begin

Vintage Giraffe Skull

Dodge Challenger

Jessica Alba Bond Girl Swimsuit

Beer bottle desk lamp. Plumbing pipe & fittings.

Army of Darkness. Ash.

Bacote wood hand forged cleaver

Licking the Ice Cream Cone

Biting the Lip

NCAA Volleyball Girl

Sitting on the back of the hog

Gina Carano

Cupid’s Capers Pinup

Vintage Race Car #63

Happy Bikini

1970 Plymouth GT

Christina Hendricks

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